Ice Cream Truck Responses

For all our ribbing about limited civic importance of Kevin Donoghue’s call for comments about ice cream trucks on the streets of Portland, it looks like Munjoy Hillers actually have opinions about this issue! Color us surprised. Donoghue sent out an email yesterday evening with about 50 responses from constituents; combine these with the 60+ commenters on the Portland Press Herald’s report, and its clear that Donoghue hit a nerve.

Here are some of our favorite excerpts from Donoghue’s email:

“Personally, I love ice cream trucks. Truly. I think they add to the small-town community atmosphere of Portland. They're entrepreneurs. And they contribute to the residential quality of my neighborhood. Don't ban the ice cream trucks.  Their happy jingle reminds me that summer is here or almost here. With regards to childhood obesity, vending machines are much more dangerous than ice cream trucks. When I have kids, I'll make sure they don't have money for the ice cream truck unless they've eaten their broccoli first.” 

“If you could just get them to change the tune once in a while. Last year in NYC there was a competition to write new songs for the ice cream trucks (not sure whatever happened to the winners) and then there's Songs for Ice Cream Trucks - you can hand out
CD's with the vendor's license.”

“I decided this year to count the number of times the ice cream truck wakes me up from a nap.”

“I just LOVE the sound and feeling of a "The Ding Dong Cart" (as I called the ice cream truck growing up) coming around the corner. And I Love it still today!!!  the thrill of running to catch up, find a buck, flag it down, stand there with dirty sweaty palms, catching my breath and making my ever so important decision....which cone today?”

“Yes, yes, and yes. Ice cream trucks ARE a nuisance. Each year the volume of their "tune" is increased more than a bit, and if one is sitting on the Prom hoping for some peace and quiet, it is quickly dispelled when that truck rolls around.”

“If they will switch to natural gas, I find them charming.”

“My only objection (and this is a substantial one) is the extremely limited repertoire of tunes - only 2 I think I hear echoing around the Hill all day when I am working down on the railroad.  So I think this calls for an ordinance: that there must be at least  ("x" number) tunes, to be varied randomly; and these must be played at intervals of not less than "y" minutes, where "y" is a number much greater than at present.”

“The ice cream trucks are . . . very obnoxious, too loud, and yes, beside an environmental issue (noise) it is conflicting to weigh the seduction of something so loud and portable against the cost of childhood obesity. Down with Ice Cream Trucks! Or at least, put silencers on them.”

“Give me a break, are you serious? Anyone concerned about noise should first address motorcycles and leafblowers that are far more obnoxious; anyone concerned about obesity should address parents that allow their kids to eat anything anytime. Eliminating ice cream trucks would reduce caloric intake about as much as closing one 7-11. Portland has genuine issues, let's address them and not trivialities.”

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