Introducing the Perfect Woman's Man

Not long ago, we told you about the Perfect Woman Project, in which Delia W. Oman (not her real name) is transforming herself into one man's ideal mate. The winner was chosen in February, and Delia has until mid-April to effect her transformation.

We caught up via email with 30-year-old Alan, who lives in California and will travel about 400 miles (on Delia's tab) to meet his dream girl -- or, at least, Delia's approximation of her -- on April 29 (interested parties will be able to watch the dates online).

PHX: How did you hear about the Perfect Woman Project? What was your initial impression?
Alan: I saw an ad on the dating site,, in one of the forum sections.  I felt really curious about it, at first thinking that it would lead to a hyperlink to some webpage that asked a bunch of questions, processed the data and then popped out a response of who my perfect woman would be.

PHX: Why did you decide to enter? How much time did you put into writing your submission?

Alan: I figured it would be fun and interesting to find out how the transformation process would work, as well as to date someone. Was it going to be a celebrity, a psychologist, sociologist, or an everyday person like myself?  How would she do it-- character makeup and prosthesis? Have a general idea of the persona and spontaneously improvise the character? I thought that it would be nice for someone to try to be someone I described, if just for a few dates. I didn't realize the extent to which Delia was willing to go in order to change and the toll it would take on her, although she assured me that there wouldn't be too much change and hopefully if things get too rough she can go back to being her previous self, if even just temporarily. I honestly don't remember how long I spent on my submission.  I'll guess 30

PHX: If you don't mind me asking, what's your romantic history (in a nutshell)?
Alan: In a nutshell, I'll have to say it's pretty nutty (pun intended). Actually I don't have much of a romantic history except for a few dates and some relationships that didn't work out.

PHX: Your description really runs the gamut, from superficial to deep. Are there some criteria that you care more about than others?
Alan: What's really important is that she's kind and thoughtful-- I'm of the mentality that "mean people suck." It would also be really nice to connect with someone on multiple levels. Spiritually, emotionally, linguistically. Someone who I can communicate and share things with without worrying that she'll judge me, or be deconstructively critical-- and intelligence is a plus.

PHX: What was your reaction when you found out you'd won?
Alan: Holy crap!

PHX: Have you been reading Delia's blog and keeping up with her progress? Are you excited to meet her and go on the dates?
Alan: I've been horrible at this and I wish I had more time last quarter to keep up with Delia and the website.  I've just had so much work to do that I put most things, including the perfect woman project, on backburner until now. However, I just got caught up on the website today and yes I am excited to meet her and go on the dates. She seems nice, thoughtful, and intelligent and I just hope that I can meet her ideals as well as she meets mine.

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