Turkey publicity - 'Birds Gone Wild'

We get some really odd things in the mail, and the holidays seem to be an excuse for every stupid idea a marketing consultant ever dreamed up to be mass-produced and mailed (at great expense, we're sure) to media outlets all over the country, in the probably-not-vain hope that a shotgun approach may result in some of this mindless, commercially raised, focus-grouped drivel being actually printed in some sort of crappy newspaper somewhere.

Here's an example, courtesy of the National Wild Turkey Federation:

This appears to be suggesting that, um, male turkeys should (and/or do!) tear off their tops and parade around forest glens all happy with themselves. Or, alternately, that turkeys are bloodthirsty creatures who attack each other and deserve to die and be eaten. We're not sure.

What we do know, though, is that this "National Wild Turkey Federation" is not too big on what we think of when we think of Wild Turkey, or even of turkeys themselves. This is a hunting group, whose material includes a document labeled "American Culture Lives Through Traditional Firearms." And we thought there was so much going for American literature, art, and music.

The CD-ROM enclosed in the above-pictured envelope includes audio you can use while hunting birds. Here's "Purr," which the material describes as "a soft, rolling call turkeys make when content. It can usually be heard by feeding birds. This is not a loud call, but is good for reassuring turkeys as they get in close to your position."

Purr.mp3 (83.27 KB)

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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