The "Bill of Wrongs"

This is the text of the "Bill of Wrongs" committed by US Rep Tom Allen, according to protestors who demonstrated in his office last Tuesday. Nobody was arrested, but one woman, who has been arrested before at Allen's office, was handcuffed, escorted out the back entrance, and then released.

This may mark a change in Allen's practice, which we have highlighted several times here in the Phoenix and at, of arresting protestors who don't leave when they're asked. (See "US Rep Allen to Protestors: Go Directly to Jail," by Jeff Inglis, October 5.) We are told that Allen's office decided not to press charges, perhaps because the DA's office has been dropping charges rather than prosecuting protestors engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience.

(For the first real use of nonviolent civil disobedience, don't look to Gandhi, who was a great man and used it well, or to Martin Luther King, who also skillfully engaged in protest, but to the Maori protestors led by Te Whiti O Rongomai O Parihaka and Tohu, in Parihaka, a village in the western part of the North Island of New Zealand.)

Anyway, we digress. On to the Bill of Wrongs:


for Congressman Tom Allen

You acknowledge that "impeachable offenses" have been committed by Bush & Cheney, but you refuse to sign on to HR 333 or to take a leadership position for impeachment.

You say "I know what my oath of office is", but you refuse to act upon your legal obligation "to protect the Constitution" from both foreign and domestic threats.

You have avoided meeting with your 1st Congressional District constituents to have open discussions about the most important issues of the decade: the Iraq war and the incompetent Bush administration.

You have chosen pragmatic politics over listening to Mainers, who care more about precedents, ethics, morality, and the multiple tragedies associated with war than they do about individuals' political careers.

You have misjudged your constituents to such a great extent that you will have only yourself to blame when you lose the 2008 Senate election.

"Dirigo" is our state motto, but wherever you think you are leading, it is not working.  Your people recognize superficiality. 
We are not with you. 



1st Congressional District Affinity Group for Impeachment
                                13 November 2007

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