UNHOLY MATRIMONY - Christian Civic League cites Phoenix in announcement?

Perhaps hell is cooling down a bit. Not only has the Christian Civic League of Maine stopped hating homosexuals, but now the group is citing the Portland Phoenix as a reputable news source!

(We are very concerned, and our best quality-control agents are already investigating the personal and professional backgrounds of every staff member, every reader, and every person who walks or drives past a Phoenix box on the street. We hope nobody notices.)

In any case, in the words of one of our friends here in the office, this "makes for one of those unnatural marriages the League rails against." What has gotten the world in such a state that not only would Christian Civic League executive director Mike Heath read the Portland Phoenix, but see something so reputable, so wholesome, so - oh good god we have to say it - God-fearing, that he would not only think, "wow, those people at the Portland Phoenix know what they're doing," but go so dreadfully far as to put out a press release about it?

Which is to say, we're really proud that he liked the story contributing writer Lance Tapley wrote about the fact that the company the state pays to monitor the take at the Bangor racino also gets a cut of that take. And we're glad Heath is worried about corruption (though we fear he may attribute it to the wrong causes, as he appears to have done regarding Massachusetts).

But really, we wish he hadn't told so many people about it - though the rabid minority of lunatic religious zealots may now start picking the paper up, we're downright terrified that the sane, thinking, rational, intelligent, compassionate people of Maine who normally read our paper will suddenly stop. And we know how the numbers pan out in that circumstance.

We're not sure what we did, Mike, but we, too, would like to go back to the good old days when you railed against publications like ours as part of the "lamestream press." We felt much more comfortable there.

(And we wonder whether the Casinos No folks also would prefer you weren't so loudly on their side. After all, we all remember how things went between you and Chandler Woodcock - when he said he'd give you everything you ever wanted, if only you wouldn't endorse him.)

Release Date: 6/11/07

Heath Calls for Maine Gambling Corruption Investigation

The Christian Civic League of Maine believes that an state investigation of
gambling corruption is in order.  Southern Maine's Portland Phoenix
newspaper revealed this week that the same company charged with overseeing
Bangor's Hollywood Slots casino is also receiving a percentage of the
profits from Hollywood Slots.

According to the anti-gambling group Casinos NO, an off-track betting (OTB)
parlor in Waterville is owned by Autotote Enterprises.  Autotote
Enterprises, in turn, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the state's
"watchdog," Scientific Games.  Maine government contracts with Scientific
Games to keep an eye on Hollywood Slots.  Hollywood Slots has given
$1,000,000 to Maine's OTBs.

League Executive Director Mike Heath said, "This sad tale provides us with
one more reason why Mainers will reject the slot machine expansion that is
planned for Washington County."  Mainers will vote on a proposed slot
machine expansion on November 6th.

With less than 500 slot machines installed at Bangor's Hollywood Slots,
Maine is already starting to witness corruption in her government.  Heath
worries about the depths of depravity which we are likely to descend when
Penn National completes the Bangor multi-million dollar expansion (already
approved by voters) in addition to the possibility of an Indian-operated
casino in Washington County.

There is a move afoot to bring slot machines to western Maine also.

Tony Perkins visited Maine in 2003 to warn us.  Perkins, a former Lousiana
legislator and currently head of the national Family Research Council, spoke
in Eliot, Maine.  He gave specific examples illustrating a flood of
corruption that engulfed the politics of Louisiana as a result of the spread
of slot machines.  His efforts in southern Maine led to the rejection of a
casino proposed for Sanford.

"We're looking forward to teaming up with Tony again this year to assure
that gambling doesn't spread in Maine," said Heath.


Contact: Michael Heath, The Christian Civic League of Maine
(207) 622-7634

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