STOP MAKING SENSE - Christian Civic League no longer fears gays!

It's Memorial Day, and we're here at work, and in comes this e-mail from the fact-haters at the Christian Civic League of Maine, announcing that - and yes, make sure you're sitting down - "the Christian ministry has allowed [its] deep concerns over sexual morality to drop from its top priority." Which means, I guess, that the failure of their initiative to re-legalize discrimination against gays (defeated by the "No On 1" campaign in November 2006) might be sinking in.

Yes, it's official: the Christian Civic League no longer fears the imminent moral destruction of Maine and Mainers from the evil and satanic influences of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transgenders. And no longer will they have as "top priority" their repeatedly failing efforts to ban any thought, reference, or even imagined concept of non-heterosexuality. (Of course, by implication, those efforts are still somewhere on their priority list. Let's hope anti-gay efforts are now moved to below "preventing domestic violence," "feeding the hungry," "providing healthcare to all," and "loving their neighbors as themselves.")

The full release is below, but it's important to note that after taking a stand that caused many Mainers to distance themselves from the League - and a "cash crisis" that made the League nervous about being able to meet its payroll in March 2006 - the League has now decided to focus on a new threat to Maine's "high moral character" (except that part of our character that supports gay rights, we assume - that part is probably still going to hell).

The new threat? Gambling. Now that's something that actually a lot of Mainers oppose pretty strongly - remember that casino vote? It happened the same day as the racino vote, in which we legalized some kinds of gambling at some places.

Let's make sure that if we have to hear CCL executive director Mike Heath spouting off again, we recognize his "ire" for what it is - a plea for support, of any kind, from anyone. He couldn't win with hate, so now he'll try to win with fear - and then, when Mainers vote down a gambling expansion (as they'll almost surely do), Heath will claim victory.

You heard it here first - with or without Mike Heath's purported "help," fear and confusion about gambling's effects on Mainers - not cogent arguments about whether gambling is right for Maine, or for some parts of Maine, or in some forms might be OK - will win the day and lead to a rejection of expanded gambling.

But Heath will be able to take credit for something: he'll make damn sure fear and confusion are front and center.

Release Date: 5/28/07
League to Fund Anti-Gambling PAC

The Christian Civic League of Maine announces its intent to fund the League's political action committee (PAC), the Christian Action League, for the purpose of defeating this November's gambling expansion referendum.  The League plans to give up to $100,000 of in-kind contributions to the Christian Action League PAC for the November 6th effort.

Celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, the League will use these in-kind contributions to ensure that every Mainer interested in preserving our state's high moral character votes on Election Day.  Contributions to the League and to the League's Christian Action League PAC can be made online at or sent to 70 Sewall Street, Augusta, ME 04330.

The League's Board of Director's decided recently to make defeating this gambling expansion referendum its top priority until November.  This is the first time since 1994 that this Christian ministry has allowed her deep concerns over sexual morality to drop from its top priority ranking.

The League fully expects Maine people will reject gambling expansion this November.

The League has been successful with similar previous campaigns in the past, including recently.  The 2005 People's Veto was spearheaded by the League's Coalition for Marriage PAC and successfully collected over 55,000 signatures in less than three months to create a November, 2005 vote.

Further details about the League's effort to stop gambling expansion will be announced as they become available.  Announcements can be monitored on the League's online newspaper, the Record, at
Contact: Michael Heath, The Christian Civic League of Maine
(207) 592-4137

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