MOURNING WOOD(COCK) - Baldacci wins; Greens enter city council

The election is over and the results are in, at least for Maine. Virginia, you have to wait a bit.

State and Federal

The Dems hung onto the big seat, with Gov. John Baldacci winning reelection with 38.03 % of the votes over contenders Pat LaMarche (14.34 %), Barbara Merrill ( 21.39 %), Phillip Morris NaPier (0.86 %), and Chandler Woodcock (29.92 %). Thus marks the official end of open season on Woodcock jokes. [Our favorite - "I'd rather have a Wood Cock than a Bald Acci."]

US Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican, stayed in her seat with 73.99 % of the votes over Dem. opponent Jean Hay Bright (20.61 %) and independent Bill Slavick (5.40 %). US Rep. from the first district, Tom Allen, a Dem, won with 60.94 % of the vote over Republican Darlene Curley (30.72 %) and independent Dexter Kamilewicz (8.34 %) and US Rep. from the second district, Mike Michaud, also a Dem, won reelection over Republican opponent Laurence D'Amboise 70.52 % to 29.48 %.

TABOR, the controversial "Taxpayers' Bill of Rights," failed - nays at 54.07 %, yays at 45.93 %. The constitutional amendment to clarify rules governming citizens referenda passed with 54.08 % of the votes in favor, 45.92 % against.

As for Portland state house and state senate seats, Jon Hinck narrowly beat incumbent Green representative John Eder for the House seat in District 118 and newbie Green Matt Reading made an impressive (though ultimately insufficient) showing against incumbent Dem Rep Herb Adams, earning 41.84 % of the vote to Adams's victorious 49.83 %. Jason Lavoie, the Republican in that race, won 8.34 % of the vote.

Here are the results of the House and municipal races, WINNERS IN RED:

State Senator (District 8) Democrat Ethan Strimling  (67.17%), Republican David Babin (18.41 %), Green Independent Kelsey Perchinski (14.43%)

State Senator (District 9) Dem. Joseph Brannigan (70.33 %), Repub. David Fernald (29.67%)

House Rep. (District 113) Dem. John Brautigam (52.88 %), Repub. David Ellowitch (47.12 %)

House Rep. (District 114) Dem. Boyd Marley (73.14 %), Repub. Sharon Forbis (26.86 %)

House Rept. (District 115) Dem. Glenn Cummings (71.38 %) , Repub. Melinda Loring (18.07 %), Green Independent Murrough O'B rien (10.55 %)

House Rep. (District 116) Dem. Charles Harlow (73.97 %), Repub. Janette Gauger  (26.03 %)

House Rep. (District 117) Dem. Anne Haskell (68,58 %), Repub. David Pelletier (22.35 %), Green John Safarik (9.06 %)

House Rep (District 118) Dem. Jon Hinck (51.53 %), Green John Eder (48.47 %)

House Rep. (District 119) Dem. Herb Adams (49.83 %), Green Matt Reading (41.84 %), Repub. Jason Lavoie (8.34 %)

House Rep (District 120) Dem. Anne Rand (56.98 %), Green Ben Meiklejohn (43.02 %)


In Portland, the Greens pulled out a couple of big wins on the city council with Kevin Donoghue finally finding employment as the newest city councilor for District 1 with 47.44 % of the vote and Dave Marshall snagging a seat as the working artist representing District 2 with 45.35 % of the vote. Both wins were something of an upset, as Donoghue beat incumbent and longtime Munjoy Hill activist Will Gorham and Marshall beat Cyrus Hagge, who'd been endorsed by almost everyone under the sun, including us.

Nick Mavodones hung onto his at-large seat by a wide margin (54.25 %) over Christina Feller (30.46 %) and Andy Verzosa (15.29 %).

On the school committee, Green Rebecca Minnick beat Mavourneen Thompson in District 1 with 59.32 % of the vote and Robert O'Brien showed incumbent Green Stephen Spring the door in District 2 with 52.89 % of the vote. The At-Large seat was snagged by Sarah Thompson with 50. 29 % of the vote over opponents Kevin Gardella (19.31 %) and Teri McRae (30.40%).

Portland municipal and legislative election results, the unofficial county tallied as of 11:30pm on November 7, are from Portland city clerk's office.

Gubernatorial and federal results from the Bangor Daily News as of November 8.


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