GET BUSY - April political events and protests

Spring has sprung and area activists are kicking into gear. Here are some events coming up that may or may not change the world:

FEELING CHATTY: On Thursday, April 6 at 6:30 pm, CitizenSalon will host Democratic US Senate candidates Jean Hay Bright and Eric Mehnert, both of whom have designs on Olympia Snowe's spot in Washington. CitizenSalon takes its cue from the centuries-old tradition of erudite gatherings in which the greatest philosophers, writers, and artists of the day debated politics, science, and art while enjoying high-end tea and mini cakes in the home of a wealthy patron. Portland's version is located at the gallery Zero Station at 222 Anderson Street and we don't think they offer mini cakes, but they could offer sharp minds if you and all your smart-ass friends show up. This CitizenSalon will focus on getting Republican Snowe out of office and one of her two Democratic contenders in and will probably include lots of repetitive bitching about conservatives. For more on the salon, check out their website here.

LESS TALK, MORE ROCK: After getting drunk on thoughts, roll on down to a protest the next day in front of Maine Medical Center. On World Health Day, Friday, April 7, meet at the corner of Brackett and Bramhall Streets and show your disgust that "millions of Americans are LOCKED OUT of the healthcare system, with NO ACCESS to healthcare!" (or so says the caps-loving press release). Organized by Portland Organizing to Win Economic Rights (POWER), the protest will begin at noon. "HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! NOW!" All right, all right. There's no need to yell... For more, email

CHEERS OR JEERS: On Tuesday, April 18 at 7 pm, US congressional rep Tom Allen will once again throw himself at the mercy of his constituents during a town hall forum which is free and open to the public. Allen will discuss the Bush administration's domestic spying program. The forum will happen in the State of Maine room at Portland's City Hall, which is located at 389 Congress Street. According to the release, Allen plans to "debunk the myths that the administration uses to defend illegal spying and send a clear message that Mainers won't stand for it!" We suggest you go and stand for it, just to see the look on Allen's face. For more information contact the Maine Civil Liberties Union.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: On Saturday, April 29, two busloads of protestors will head from Maine to New York City to take part in a massive demonstration organized by the United for Peace and Justice Coalition to end the war in Iraq . Over 900 organizations from around the country will participate. If you want to join, gather together $48 for your seat and email to reserve your spot. The buses will leave from Bangor, Portland, Augusta, Rockland, Nobleboro, and Brunswick in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday.



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